Search Engine Optimization

The power of search engine optimization (SEO) might be overlooked in some companies. That’s why more emphasis is on CMS and coding languages when they talk about website development. Nevertheless, it is critical to know whether a technical team can or should implement SEO techniques while developing a site. In essence, no one should expect full SEO services from a site developer. However, the basic technical SEO knowledge helps website developers to build a correct foundation when working on a new website.

Needs assessment


Weak point identification


Collaborating with SEO team


Brainstorming and Solution finding


Resolving technical issues



Our approach in AvaazTech to SEO issues depends on whether we develop the site from the start. We include our SEO team from the beginning of the process. This collaboration results in search optimized websites with best design. If a website was developed prior to our involvement, though harder, we still implement best SEO practices to address issues and overcome challenges.
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