Web development

Any business that wants to benefit from the vast potentials of the digital world, needs a and online store, a company website, or a combination of both. Website development is a complex process that needs collaboration of various skills. Web development teams start with their client’s needs assessment to determine what tools and coding languages should be used in the design process. By adding search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, they improve site performance and create better leads.

Site Assessment and Analysis


User Story Sessions


Client needs assessment


Site Development using CMS or Static coding with HTML, CSS, Next JS, Node Js, DJANGO, PYTHON, and REACT JS

Here at AvaazTech, we take a different approach to website development. After analyzing your needs by our technical team, we move on to UI / UX design. Our experts will, then, decide on the best strategy to develop the site using whether WordPress or start coding the whole thing. This way we lay out the essential steps in collaboration with the client and minimize later revisions. What differentiates us is that our technical team incorporates SEO techniques while designing each website and prioritize responsiveness of the site on all types of devices.
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